Why Sharon missed KC’s jewelry collection launch 

Sharon Cuneta (MNS photo)

Many people were wondering why Sharon Cuneta was nowhere in sight when her eldest daughter, KC Concepcion, launched her debut jewelry collection. Only Cuneta’s husband, Sen. Francis Pangilinan, and daughter Frankie were the ones seen supporting Concepcion during the event.
In an Instagram post on the same night, the Megastar revealed the real reason why she was unable to attend.
She had dinner with President Rodrigo Duterte along with her brother, who idolizes the country’s top leader.
“My Daddy was a good friend of the President. Kuya and I always find ways to make each other happy. Tonight, I was not only happy and honored to have dinner with President Duterte, but also to make my Kuya the happiest I’ve ever been able to make him. Hope you’re happy, Daddy! I love you so much, Kuya ko. And thank you, Mr. President,” she said.
Cuneta went on to explain that Concepcion knew she would not be able to make it to her jewelry collection launch even before their dinner with President Duterte was confirmed.
She added that attending the event would have been “awkward” for her since Concepcion’s father, Gabby Concepcion, was also invited.
“It would’ve been awkward had I been at KC’s Avec Moi jewelry launch had both her papa and dad-then and I were there,” she said. “Turns out, her Pa wasn’t able to make it.”
“Still, glad I didn’t go to unintentionally steal any of KC’s thunder or happiness.”
As her own way of showing support, Cuneta posted photos of the ring and necklace which she bought from Concepcion’s collection. (MNS)

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