Summer hair care: Sweats and increase of pores can damage your hair, Park Jun’s Beauty Lab

IT IS EASY for your hair to get dirty and stinky because the sweat and increase of pores because the heat of the summer affect your hair much more so than other seasons.

After a night out or after a whole day’s work, it is very crucial to wash your hair well. Wet your hair enough, make big foams, massage your scalp with your finger tips then rinse your hair afterwards.

With sweat and increase of pores, your scalp might develop itchiness, or contract some disease.  If you feel itchy, do not touch it, because other people might get that disease too from you.

“Again, as I’ve said before, it is difficult to restore your damaged hair and scalp. It needs long time and extreme effort,” says Alice, Park Jun’s Beauty Lab owner.

“Protect and keep your hair healthy and scalp too during the summer with Park Jun’s Beauty Lab. And with our hair treatment and steam machine, we’ll keep it healthy year round,” Alice adds.


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