State of women worsening under PNoy – Gabriela

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GABRIELA | A National Alliance of Women – Marching on the US embassy to condemn the oppression of US imperialism (Photo courtesy of Gabriela Facebook page)

MANILA  (Mabuhay) — Militant women’s group Gabriela called President Aquino the “number 1 US puppet” and lamented that the state of women under his administration is getting worse.

Around a dozen protesters held a picket at the Mendiola bridge in Manila as part of their series of activities for Women’s Month.

Ian Arevallo, chairperson of Gabriela NCR, said that while the President has been trumpeting the supposed economic gains of his administration, these have not been felt by the common Filipina.

She said Aquino has been following the dictates of the United States in running the economy, pushing for further liberalization and privatization that do not benefit ordinary citizens.

“Andiyan yung mga programa niya tulad ng PPP at privatization ng mga ospital. Merong ilusyon ng pagbabago pero hindi naman ito hindi nararamdaman ng kababaihan,” he said.

Gabriela said they will hold a bigger protest at the US Embassy tomorrow before joining other women on March 8 or International Women’s Day. (MNS)

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