Senator De Lima in peril

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rp_Chito-Parazo-300x173.jpgPresident Rodrigo Duterte remains morally passionate in his desire to rid the country of illegal drugs and all forms of criminality. He has vowed that his campaign against all forms of criminality, particularly against illegal drugs, will continue without let up throughout his six-year term in office.

This will be good for the country and Filipinos will continue to love and respect him more. So far, Duterte has been doing an excellent job of being the President of all Filipinos, and not only the rich, or members of the yellow parties or the elite Makati Business Club.

Known for his acerbic wit and blasphemous language in shaming corrupt and inefficient government officials, Duterte recently linked Senator Leila De Lima to the narcotics trade which has proliferated unabated during the six-year term of President Noynoy Aquino.

This accusation hurled by Duterte will have serious implications on the political career of De Lima. I do not know how she will be able to dodge or deflect this serious allegations regarding her alleged ties with wealthy and influential drug lords.

Unless she will be able to come up with a credible explanation, her critics will describe her as a bogus “crusading human rights activists. The president’s allies in the lower house might even initiate impeachment proceedings against her someday.

Duterte’s allegations against the supposed ties of De Lima with wealthy and influential drug lords came out in the open days before the neophyte senator is scheduled to conduct a senate investigation on extrajudicial killings as well as the police method of shooting suspected drug pushers and addicts.
Duterte dismissed De Lima’s forthcoming senate investigation against extrajudicial killings as mere posturing and politicking

It is well known in public that Duterte has a long standing feud with De Lima, particularly during his term as chief executive of Davao city. De Lima has accused Duterte of ordering the execution of criminals in Davao city and the head of the Davao death squad.

I will not be surprised if one of these days a prominent drug lord will finger Senator De Lima as one of former government officials who coddled drug lords and benefitted from the huge sales of illegal drugs during the incumbency of Presaident Noynoy.

In a speech he delivered at the 115th anniversary of the Philippine National Police (PNP) in Camp Crame, Duterte made a blunt evisceration of the performance of De Lima as former Justice Secretary.

Duterte even went as far as branding De Lima as being immoral for having a “very sordid personal and official life.” Senator De Lima is also being accused by Duterte of committing adultery with her driver/lover.

Duterte is also claiming that funds derived from the sale of illegal drugs bankrolled the successful 2016 senatorial bid of the neophyte senator. De Lima was the Justice secretary during the term of President Benigno Aquino.

He said De Lima’s driver/lover also acted as her “bagman” in soliciting campaign funds from wealthy drug lords, particularly those incarcerated at the National Bilibid Prison (NBP) in Muntinglupa city.
Duterte said De Lima also funded the construction of the house of her driver lover. PNP Chief Rolando De La Rosa said he will conduct a thorough investigation on the alleged lover of De Lima, who wants to be known as the “conscience of the country.”

For her part, De Lima, who used to be the “Iron Lady” during the term of President Aquino as Secrertary of Justice, was reportedly teary-eyed in telling the media that Duterte’s accusation against her alleged ties with drug lords was baseless and a clear case of character assassination.

She gave assurance to the media that she will not back off and will pursue aggressively who were responsible for the executions of so many drug pushers and addicts since Duterte assumed the presidency.

Duterte, on the other hand, continues to take potshots at politicians, particularly De Lima, who are protesting about the increasing deaths of drug lords, peddlers and addicts in the government’s campaign against drugs.

The feisty Duterte told police officers not to be intimidated by the threats aired by DE Lima or by the statements of the United Nations (UN) statements on human rights.

He urged police officers to remain vigilant and to redouble their efforts in the fight against all forms of criminality and take a more aggressive stance against drug peddler.

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