Sam Milby and Jessica Sanchez jam together at Barrio Fiesta Glendale

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Sam Milby and Jessica Sanchez

Sam Milby and Jessica Sanchez

‘Steamy’ L.A. scene at Barrio Fiesta Glendale: Sam Milby and Jessica Sanchez, who were rumored to be more than just friends, were seen together at Barrio Fiesta in Glendale, California. According to folks who were around, the couple did an acoustic cover of Beyonce’s “XO,” the video of which was posted on The Original Barrio Fiesta Glendale Facebook. The two celebrities also had dinner at the famous Filipino restaurant. Jessica also sang another song via karaoke “I will always love you” by Whitney Houston. Sam Milby thanked Barrio Fiesta Glendale on his Instagram account and Twitter account. Jessica Sanchez also posted a picture of her with Sam Milby on her Twitter account as well.

Owned by Bobby Yutadco, Barrio Fiesta Glendale is located at  818 N Pacific Ave Glendale, California, home of the best kare-kare in town.

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