Robi Domingo shows serious side in first foray into documentaries 

Robi Domingo (MNS photo)

Robi Domingo, one of the country’s most popular television hosts, is taking a step outside his comfort zone as he anchors the three-part “Keeping the Faith” documentary about Japan’s hidden Christians on ANC, the ABS-CBN News Channel.

Known for his playful and wacky style as host of various entertainment and reality programs on ABS-CBN, Domingo gets to showcase his serious side and versatility in “Keeping the Faith: The Story of the Hidden Christians in Japan,” which will air on the country’s leading English all-news cable channel on December 14, 28, and January 11 at 8 p.m.

In this three-part travelogue, Domingo, together with Kaz Sawamura, tells the story of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the name of God. He gets to visit ancient sites where the original Christians congregated to pray and worship and gets to know about the Kakure Kirishitans (Hidden Christians) who went underground to practice their religion in secret.

Domingo, who has also hosted the “Lakwatsero” series on ANC, said this project came at the right time in his life. “After everything that happened in my life this year, I really needed to hold on to God. It is in this trip that I became closer to Him,” he said.

He added that his experience learning about the lives of Christians during their nine-day shoot reminded him of the movie “Eat Pray Love,” which is about faith in God and in oneself.

“I really felt it was impossible to do that documentary in nine days but the team is so good and there’s this power which made that all happen. There were instances that a shoot wouldn’t push through because of the weather, or snow wouldn’t fall in the mountains, but there was divine intervention that happened,” he shared.

Overall, the “Pinoy Big Brother” alumnus said his experience doing the documentary taught him that the more you go out of your comfort zone, the more you get to know about yourself.

“You get to be immersed in different situations wherein you would not just question yourself, not just your life, but everyone’s existence. It’s not right to compare your life to another man’s life, and your place to another man’s place, but it all boils down to that ‘Wow’ feeling that everything became possible because of this one being who created everything,” he explained.

Despite its serious topic, Domingo said the documentary will also appeal to travel bugs and millennials because of the scenic places and great food in Japan that they will showcase in the documentary.

“Filipinos love to travel, especially the millennials. If they watch the docu they will have a feel that they are travelling with me in that whole experience.”

The host added viewers can also expect some “hugot” comments while he explores the beautiful places in Japan, as well as hole-in-the-wall restaurants with their secret menu which people would like to check out when they visit the country. (MNS)

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