Kris Aquino vs. James Yap continues

MANILA, Nov 6 (Mabuhay) – The Makati Regional Trial Court Branch 140 on Friday morning did not issue a gag order against TV host-actress Kris Aquino after her husband, star cager James Yap, filed a motion to request the issuance of the same.

Yap’s legal counsel, lawyer Lorna Kapunan, on Wednesday lamented that Aquino has been using the media to voice out her concerns with regard to Yap. She pointed out that this practice is unfair for her client since Yap doesn’t have the same access to media as Aquino.

At the Friday hearing, Yap’s lawyer, Atty. Lino Kapunan, admitted that the judge handling the petition pointed out that Aquino was not the only one giving her comments to the media about the annulment case.

The judge also raised the issue wherein Atty. Lorna Kapunan also discussed the merits of the case during her interviews with TV networks GMA-7 and TV-5.

Aquino’s lawyers were not present at the hearing but earlier advised the judge that they have a prior engagement.

Aquino’s camp also asked the court for a 10-day extension to comment on the matter.

According to Atty. Lino Kapunan, if a gag order is given, Aquino is banned from voicing out her concerns over the case in any form of media including social media like Facebook or Twitter.

If a gag order is given, both parties are banned from speaking about the case. The media can report it but the parties are banned from commenting on anything about it.

According to, a gag order is the order issued by a judge prohibiting the attorney and parties involved in a legal procedure to disclose or discuss the matter involved in the case to the public, when the judge is of the opinion that such an action may prejudice or influence the outcome of the trial.

On Wednesday, when sought for comment about the gag order, the Queen of All Media countered, “Alam mo kasi mahirap awayin ang taong binabayaran ng ex mo. I mean, anything I say will be misinterpreted.”

Aquino shared that she and Yap already had a conversation where they mutually agreed not to talk about each other in public anymore. She added that if the court issues a gag order, it will be their 3-year-old son, baby James, who will benefit from it.

“Kung ano, ano naman ang ibinato na ng kampo ni James, wala akong magagawa. So ngayon kung feeling nila sila ang natatamaan, good. Itís a blessing for Bimby. Because ultimately ang kailangang protektahan ëyong feelings ng anak ko,” Aquino said. (MNS)

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