Maricar Reyes to write tell-all book? (with photo: 23maricar.jpg)

Maricar Reyes (MNS photo)

After releasing the book “10 Things We Fight About” with husband Richard Poon, actress Maricar Reyes hopes to come up with her own book, which will tackle her struggles in life.

Poon himself made the revelation in an interview, where he also praised his wife for being “a very good writer.”

“Before we made this (‘10 Things We Fight About’) may plan na si Erickson (Raymundo, our manager). Ang second book is Maricar lang – about her life, her stuggles, how she overcame. I think that will be a very powerful book,” hge added.

Asked to give more details about her book, Reyes said: “Ang hint ko, in page 20 of the book (‘10 Things We Fight About’).”

There, Reyes confessed that she became “distrustful to herself and others, especially of men.”

“I wondered what their real motives were, or if I was even worth of serious commitment anymore. Would anyone marry me? I was scared to make a mistake again,” she write.

Reyes also admitted that “if my tragedy never happened” she wouldn’t fall for her husband.

“I would get too offended by his ‘brutal’ honesty. But in that troubled time, his most endearing quality to me was his love for truth. Throughout our friendship, he showed me the value of honest confrontation and facing my fears,” the “La Luna Sangre” actress wrote.

The celebrity couple launched “10 Things We Fight About” under ABS-CBN Publishing last July.

In the book, they share their experiences as a couple and provide tips on how couples can iron out their misunderstandings. (MNS)

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