Let history judge him

rp_Chito-Parazo-300x173.jpgPresident Duterte has already given the “green light” for the burial of former President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libigan  ng mga Bayani next month despite strong indignation coming from anti Marcos organizations and human rights activists.

The “yellow ribbon” allies and boot lickers of the Aquino/Cojuango clan are threatening to hold protest rallies hoping that they may still be able to convince President “Digong” to reconsider his decision to have the late president be interred at the heroes’ cemetery.

As I was writing this column, President Duterte seemed to be unperturbed to the threat of massive protest rallies by various anti Marcos and human rights groups. Duterte even encouraged the protesters to hold their protest rallies, promising them a month’s permit to hold such protest action, provided they don’t commit crimes and impede the flow of vehicular traffic.

I think it is about time that the corpse of the former “strongman of Asia” be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. The former president’s corpse has been preserved for so many years now at his home province of Ilocos Norte.

 As a former president and a soldier who served during World War II, Marcos deserved to be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, even though his 20-year rule was marked by widespread corruption and alleged human rights violations.

As far as being a war hero, that is another matter that can be debated upon, depending on your political affiliation or ideology. It is about time that the nation put closure to this controversy and let history judge him for what he did in the past.

I think the Marcos family has suffered enough humiliation from the public and the media for years. I also think that the people’s hatred for the late President Marcos, as well as his family, has waned through the years. Just think of how many voted for Sen. Bongbong Marcos, who may have won, according to him. If majority of the Filipinos still hates the Marcos family, how come former Senator Bongbong Marcos garnered more than 13 million votes during the May 9 vice presidential election?
Supreme Court Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno must have been stunned by President Digong’s veiled threat to impose martial law should the high court interfere with the government’s on-going aggressive anti-drug operations.

Duterte’s allies, however, were quick to downplay the threat made by the Chief Executive, saying that he was apparently disappointed that someone in the government was trying to impede his momentum in his desire to eradicate the gargantuan drug problem in the country today.

Many believe that President Duterte must have made the threat out of frustration because of the apparent snail-paced justice system in the country when it comes to prosecuting drug offenders and drug lords arrested by law enforcement agencies.

Duterte also apparently didn’t take well the four-page letter he got from Sereno, which stated that the revelations of the names of judges implicated in illegal drugs was “premature” and could endanger their lives.

Sereno has also cautioned the judges not to surrender in the absence of an arrest warrant. This must have angered Duterte who warned Sereno not to create a constitutional crisis since he will be forced to instruct the entire executive branch to ignore the high court’s  orders.

The feisty Duterte also questioned Sereno’s credibility, as well as the Aquino administration, for being inutile for the past six years in addressing and ignoring the continued proliferation of illegal drugs in the country.

It was former President Benigno Aquino who appointed Sereno, the most junior among Supreme Court justices, after the sitting Chief Justice was removed through impeachment. If Sereno has any plans of engaging a word of war with President Duterte, she should think twice since she is expected to lose.

Besides, Duterte knows that Sereno has lots “skeletons in the closet” being hidden from the public.

Majority of the people are also backing up the campaign of President Digong against illegal drugs. They are apparently overjoyed that President Digong is doing what other past presidents have not done or have failed to address regarding the menace or danger of illegal drugs to our youth.

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