Jake Zyrus has message for critics calling him ‘ugly’

Jake Zyrus (MNS photo)

He’s not one to shy away from posting selfies on social media, moreso when he decided to come out as a transgender man.

And now Jake Zyrus has some words for his critics who had a thing or two to say about his looks.

Sharing an extremely close-up shot of his face, he wrote: “I apologise for those who feel annoyed because of my ugly face. But I love my ugly face and my ugly body. I don’t mean to ruin your mood.”

It came a couple of days after he posted a selfie of him emphasizing his short haircut while wearing a basketball jersey to promote a performance at a local mall.

His snap attracted some criticism, with one follower mockingly asking if the show was considered a “freak show.”

It was way back in 2013 when Charice first came out as a lesbian. It was only this year that he changed his name to Jake Zyrus, saying that he now feels more comfortable and confident with himself.

He also revealed that he underwent breast removal surgery, a decision which made him feel that his transition was “complete.”  (MNS)

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