Is Rufa Mae pregnant?

Rufa Mae Quinto (MNS photo)

Rufa Mae Quinto (MNS photo)

Television and radio host Grace Lee appeared to have revealed the pregnancy of sexy comedienne Rufa Mae Quinto. Lee on Tuesday posted to her Instagram account a photo of her with Quinto.

“Nothing better on this rainy afternoon than pigging out with this glowing pregnant lady. Three cups of rice for us two,” the caption read. She has since edited the post and removed the word “pregnant.”

Quinto, who is engaged to be married this November, has yet to personally confirm her pregnancy. Her latest Instagram post shows her with her non-showbiz boyfriend, Trev Magallanes.

The closest Quinto came to hinting about being on the way was a photo on her account of a stuffed bear she received from a friend. Many of her fans in the comments section quickly speculated that the gift is actually for her soon-to-be child.

Quinto and Magallanes are set to tie the knot in a Christian wedding ceremony on November 25 at the Ortigas branch of The Blue Leaf Events Place. Quinto will be wearing a gown made by Filipino designer Pepsi Herrera. (MNS)

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