Health and well-being: Keep connected

Social support helps when sick.

POSITIVE news for those experiencing cancer, premature birth or serious illness and the people who care for them: Staying connected helps make health journeys easier!

Patients say going online to update family and friends about their health condition positively impacts their healing process. That may be one reason half a million people a day turn to a nonprofit that provides free websites to share health news.

A personal CaringBridge website helps patients and caregivers communicate with family and friends when juggling in-person visits and phone calls with medical appointments is challenging. An online journal allows loved ones to stay up to date before, during or after a hospital stay. Followers are notified whenever it is updated and can post messages of support and encouragement. CaringBridge users find that sharing experiences of coping with health challenges with others reduces feelings of isolation.

Create a free patient website for yourself or a loved one: (NAPSI) â– 


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