Following John Wall’s Lead, New Wizards Owner Promises to ‘Dougie’

At Summer League, Zach Harper made reference to someone doing “The Dougie.” I didn’t know what he meant, and in saying so, subjected myself to mockery from about 18 different people on press row. If only I had known to ask John Wall.

Earlier this week, in a move that has been discussed in far more ridiculous detail than a dance during player introductions should warrant (thanks to some boneheaded radio commentary), John Wall did “The Dougie.” It was funny. It was unexpected. Wall nearly dropped a triple-double in his home debut and the Wizards won the game. If you’d like to see the new Macarena (OK, maybe Soulja Boy is more appropriate) in all its glory, here it is:

But Ted Leonsis, the new Wizards owner? Oh, no, he’s not letting an opportunity like this go to waste. From his blog asking fans to sell out Wizard’s game.

We need your help. We play this Saturday night. We need and want you to be in attendance. The team plays better in front of a sold out building. Come support the team. … Off of soap box now. When we have a total paid sellout this season, I will do the “Dougie” – I promise.

Now that’s savvy advertising. Promise that the big man upstairs will descend from his lofty box perch and do “The Dougie” to bring in sales? And announce it on your blog? This is some sort of bizarrely awesome nexus of Mark Cuban, old ABA promotional tricks and minor league baseball. But it shows an owner who cares, who isn’t looking down on his star for having a little fun before he went out and dropped a killer line in a win, and who’s willing to push boundaries to create the best atmosphere he can create (and, you know, bring in a few extra dollars).

So does Leonsis already know how to Dougie? Does John Wall have to teach him? Will he throw in the John Wall Dance twist to it? Can either of them teach me?

Gotta say, we’re looking at a whole new world right here. Owners dancing, players dancing before dropping crazy numbers, blog promises.

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