Fabulous Filipino Fried Rice (sinangag) Recipe

This is a dish with a Chinese influence.


Ingredients used in fried rice vary greatly. They may include:
Vehicles for example carrots, bean shoots, celery and peas
Chicken, pork, shrimp or soy cheese
Chili pepper or hot sauce
Shoyu, rice wine

This is offered in small plates as a side. Many cooks also season the fried rice with black pepper.

Shoyu is rice wine but you can also be cook with sherry, both give the fried rice a brown color.

Fried rice is made from boiled rice after it has cooled. The wok is heated with a little of oil until it begins to smoke.

The rice is stirred quickly to avoid burning it and to cook it evenly and cover the rice grains with the oil to avoid sticking. After 1-2 minutes the rice is seasoned and stirs it thoroughly.

Add the shoyu or sherry to get a brown color for the rice and then add the rest of the ingredients.

The chili pepper or hot sauces are offered in a small dish separately.

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