‘Discover The Beautiful YOU’ with tips from Pinoy celebrity makeup artist Marlou Colina

By Marlou Colina for Balita Media Inc.

With new President Noy Noy Aquino, came a new Philippines. It marked the re-birth of our economy which was thirsting for change. Never before has the Philippines and its people been so respected and admired around the world. All around the globe, everyone is talking, tweeting and posting about the beauty of the Philippines.

A new and improved pride has been instilled in all of us. In the Philippines, the Beauty & Fashion Industry is booming! From the White House Chef, mega boxers and TV Stars, to beauty pageants, the new Filipino is on the rise. My hope is that that same pride has infected you as well. That you have found a new spark that will inspire you to love and to be proud of who you are. The first step to rebuilding a nation is to inspire its people.

‘Discovering The Beautiful You’ is the first step to discovering the beauty of the people and the world around you. Believe it or not, if you’re not happy with who you are and the way that you look, you can’t appreciate the new world of opportunities that is all around you. It’s obvious that beautiful people get the breaks, the well-groomed applicant gets the job and a pretty smile can win the deal.

It’s now easier than ever to look like a celebrity without spending massive amounts of cash or days in my salon. A smile, a good conditioner, an easy-maintenance hairstyle and quality make-up can go a long way towards achieving that ‘look’. I don’t mean that ‘Western Look’, I’m talking about the gorgeous ethnic beauty that we have naturally as Filipino’s. The full lips, olive-skin, your shinny full head of hair and make-up that won’t quit. Some call it sassy, but whatever you call it, you can achieve it in between visits to the salon by following these Celebrity-Tested Tips to Getting Noticed.

5-Tips to Get Noticed at the Office Tomorrow

1. Eyebrows are a must. This is a tip for the guys as well, whether you like drama or to simply have a well-groomed professional appearance. The smallest, seemingly most insignificant ‘trim’ around those eyebrows is like POW!

2. Then, if you don’t have the time or the funds to get a full cut or hair-do, then just get a ‘line’ from your stylist or barber. Most would be glad to do it…and it usually only cost a few dollars. I give complimentary hair line touch-up and lines in between cuts for my regular clients. It’s always nice to see you.

3. Wanna get noticed for sure? Ladies drop the neck line and apply a little ????? and one puff of ???? powder. The best way for a guy to achieve that quick sex appeal; a trick we use in photo shoots…loosen up. Right out of the shower, apply some liquid gel, or even an old school mousse to your hair. No brush and no comb. You’ll look; and probably feel, a little younger too.

4. Some quick color can boost your confidence and some drastic color can give you a new lease on life. Guys can knock a decade off by coloring that gray. Nothing over the top like ‘jet black’, simply a natural black will cover the grey and give you that healthy luster that can be lost over the years.

5. And of course, the last and best way to get noticed at the office tomorrow is to come by my salon or order one of my Award Winning Marlou Colina Make-up kits today.

Ladies, the first step is to discovering that beautiful YOU is to just appreciate yourself and your natural Pilipina beauty. Then, build on that insight. Guys can get that inner- sexy out on the surface in time for that Executive Presentation or First Date by boosting your confidence in a way that only a well-groomed go-getter can.

Marlou Colina is an Award Winning Celebrity Stylist from the beautiful island of Cebu. Starting as a make-up artist in the Philippines, Colina now has a flagship salon in Los Angeles, California, USA and recently launched his new Professional Make-up Line. His passion for beauty has earned himself the Make-Up Artist of the Year Award in Hollywood and he is the make-up artist and stylist to celebrities from the Philippines and in Los Angeles. Visit www.MarlouColina.com to learn more about Discovering the Beautiful YOU.

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