Daniel Matsunaga has wallet, passport stolen on flight back to PHL (with photo: 25daniel.jpg)

Daniel Matsunaga (MNS photo)

Daniel Matsunaga is left scratching his head after thieves ran off with his passport and other personal documents.

On Instagram, he claimed to have had his stuff, including his I-Card, which is issued to foreigners who intend to stay in the country for more than two months, stolen while he was sleeping on his flight back to Manila from Singapore.

“I just need my documents please,” he told his fans, before expressing his disappointment that the management of the airline he took wasn’t able to help him with his unfortunate situation.

“It is very sad that things like that can happen inside the plane [because] they don’t have cameras inside to protect your stuff,” he said.

He added that he had to re-enter the country as a tourist.

Matsunaga has been living in the Philippines for years, working as an actor and a model.

Back in 2014, he excitedly shared that he is now considered a permanent resident of the country and that he’s looking to become a naturalized citizen.

During the same year, he won “Pinoy Big Brother: All In.” (MNS)

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