Cristine Reyes prays for marriage with Ali Khatibi

— Cristine Reyes (MNS photo)

MANILA, Jan 16 (Mabuhay) — No marriage is perfect.

That’s probably why Cristine Reyes is praying that her relationship with her husband be protected and guarded from temptation.

On Instagram, Reyes shared a photo of her and Khatibi by the beach. In the caption, she wrote: “Dear God, I pray for my marriage right now. Please guard my relationship with my husband and protect us against elements that tempt or taunt us to ruin what we have.”

Reyes also asked that their hearts be convicted “when we are wrong or un-righteous” and that they be filled “with a passion to get better and bless us with a deep love for each other.”

In a previous interview, Khatibi admitted that he has been able to stay faithful to his wife and true to his marital vows by “walking away right away.”

“As soon as may ma-feel ka, turn around and walk away,” he said

Reyes and Khatibi married in January 2016 after dating for three years. They have a daughter, Amarah.

Their family is currently vacationing in Boracay. (MNS)

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