Breaking traditions, Richard Yap fought to marry a Filipina

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Richard Yap (MNS photo)

Richard Yap (MNS photo)

After six years, “Mano Po” is back. Actor Richard Yap will top-bill the seventh installment of the film franchise, which aims to return to its roots as a dramatic alternative to an industry currently ruled by romantic-comedies.

“I am very proud and very honored na na-consider ako dito sa project kasi very successful iyong mga ‘Mano Po’ dati. I really want to give this role justice for the franchise,” said Yap.

The 49-year-old Yap, who shot to fame after his role as a wealthy Filipino-Chinese businessman opposite Jodi Sta. Maria in “Be Careful With My Heart,” added that he wants the movie to become a way for locals to better understand Chinese-Filipinos.

“We’re not here to take away their jobs. We are here because we are Filipinos at heart and we want to help the Philippines also,” he explained.

Yap, as well as producer Regal Entertainment, has refused to divulge other details about the film. However, it was revealed that the film is intended to be part of this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival, and that parts of the film will be shot in China.

The film will also star teen actress Janella Salvador.

Meanwhile, Yap also opened up about his past fallout with his parents, whom he described as “very traditional and strict” when it came to him choosing a partner, saying that his experiences with his family and relatives will help him prepare for his starring role.

“My dad wanted me to marry someone that he chose,” he shared. “Kaya lang matigas talaga ulo ko, hindi ako sumunod. Kaya hindi talaga ako ang naging favorite niya.”

“But I think you really have to stick up kung sino talaga ang gusto mong pakasalan. Kasi iyon ang magiging kasama mo habang buhay. So I chose who I wanted to marry instead kung sino ang gusto nila,” he furthered.

According to Yap, his father stripped him of his claim to their family business because of his decision. However, he said that both of them had since reconciled when his wife, a Filipina named Melody, gave birth to a baby boy.

“That was the only child who would bring the family name. Ako lang kasi ang nagkaanak ng lalaki,” Yap said.

Yap’s father passed away in 2010, while his mother died two years earlier. The actor said that his father missed his shot to fame, but would have been proud of his accomplishments. (MNS)

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