Best of Asian cuisine at Dave’s BBQ and Grill

by Rhony Laigo

Each of the table has a grill, an imposing aluminum vent and a pot in the middle. For some, the pot would give the impression that it’s a shabu-shabu restaurant only to find out that the grill focuses not on Japanese ingredients for the boiling soup stock but of Korean barbecue favorites that everyone loves.

But that’s not even the best part. While most shabu-shabu soup in the boiling pot is most likely just plain water, the soup base at Dave’s BBQ and Grill is an Tom Yum of Thailand. Add the Thai sauce in there and you’ve got a spicy authentic Tom Yum soup and you’ve got yourself a real Thai cuisine. Add the sukiyaki sauce instead of the Thai sauce and you’ve got a Japanese cuisine. Say, again?

Actually, David Akrabowon, proprietor of Dave’s BBQ and Grill, the restaurant is the real Asian fusion. And with noodles, mushroom and other vegetables to choose from, you can add Chinese in the mix for a total Asian food package that is very unique yet diversified. What’s more, the meal is healthy and very inexpensive.

As soon as someone walks in, they will not be provided a menu, which is another first. On the contrary, diners will be led to a wall of adjacent refrigerators where marinated Korean style meat products of beef, chicken and pork are displayed, along with fish, seafood, salad, mixed vegetables and other ingredients in plates, each with its own price that will not cost more than $2.99 each. Yes, just $2.99 each per plate of either Korean Beef (Chicken or Pork) Bulgogi, Beef Kalbi, Beef BBQ, Spicy Beef (again Chicken or Pork), Beef Garlic or Beef Teriyaki.

After choosing your plates, you cook your meal yourself, serve yourself and without waiters bothering you all the time if you are doing alright?

A plateful is more than enough for one person. Rice is just $1 regardless of the amount, while cold bottled water is free. No kidding, bottled water is free! David said two people can consume a hearty and really stomach-filling meal for less than $20.

Grilling the meat is a snap. But unlike other Korean grill restaurants, Dave’s BBQ and Grill is equipped with Teflon-based grillers that is fully covered thereby no oil drips in the fire that could result in burnt barbecue and no sticky and messy oil residue as they can easily be removed from the griller. No dripping oil also reduces smoke virtually giving customers a smoke-free environment and a clean and clear dining experience. “No teary eyed customers,” David said.

David’s unique idea comes from his decades-long food business in Los Angeles where he has been serving the people of Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Hollywood and other neighboring districts from his food truck. “Los Angeles indeed is a melting pot of delicious cuisines,” David said, “so I thought of something where one can enjoy a little of everything that is healthy, nutritious, inexpensive but most importantly tasty and that would cater to everyone.”

If you’d like a taste of the real Asian fusion, come check out Dave’s BBQ and Grill located at 5185 W. Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90027. For more information, please call them at (323) 928-2448. (Rhony Laigo)

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