Andi Eigenmann clarifies comment about leaving showbiz

Andi Eigenmann (MNS photo)

Andi Eigenmann has denied leaving acting after a conversation she had with an Instagram follower appeared to indicate that she was quitting the industry to focus on being a “full-time mom.”

The actress clarified she’s not done making films. “I was born into the film industry and acting and filmmaking is something that I’ll always be passionate about,” she said.

“It’s just that I feel that I grew out of that whole showbiz stigma, I don’t want to force myself to be perceived as a person [who] I’m really not. I just want to be known for what I do as an actor and not be defined by who they think I am based on the news.”

It was just last week when Eigenmann was thought to have revealed her decision to pack in her career as an actress.

She was responding to an Instagram follower who accused her of being a snob when she said: “If I wanted the life I had in the past, I wouldn’t have left showbiz. So go figure.”

She added then that she wants to spend more time with her daughter, Ellie, who is 5.

Eigenmann expanded on her shunning the “artista” lifestyle and being more selective in the roles she accepts.

“Honestly, I made this decision knowing that I don’t know what the future will bring but I know that it’s always going to be better to just believe in myself, to just listen to what I want.

“Changes sometimes, it could be good. And my life isn’t going to be the same. I’m not gonna live as glamorous of a lifestyle but I never … I was never like that in the first place. Now my life is so much simpler. And I couldn’t be happier.”

Eigenmann’s last TV appearance was part of the afternoon drama, “The Greatest Love,” in which she played the daughter of an Alzheimer’s-stricken mother. (MNS)

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